Millers additive protects classic cars from rising ethanol levels

Millers additive protects classic cars from rising ethanol levels

Millers Oils is helping classic car owners to protect their vehicles from the corrosive effects of the increasing ethanol levels in petrol.

Its VSPe Power Plus is now available in a 500ml multishot bottle to make measuring the 50ml needed to treat a 50l tank of petrol easier. The lead-replacement additive prevents valve seat recession, fuel system corrosion and detonation while providing an octane boost, which enables classic owners to get the most out of their vehicles while protecting components from wear and tear.

“The 500ml bottle, with its multishot function, enables the owner to treat a tank of petrol with ease as they fill up at the station,” says Jason Lavender, Business Development Manager – Motorsport and Classic, Millers Oils. “Changing legislation has increased the permitted level of ethanol in petrol from 5% to 10%, increasing the effects of corrosion on classic vehicle fuel systems.”

VSPe Power Plus is one of two Millers Oils additives that have been endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Club (FBHVC), receiving an ‘A’ rating for the ethanol corrosion protection the range provides.

“Our fuel additives are designed to help these cars run better and keep them on the road for longer,” said Nevil Hall, Joint Managing Director of Millers Oils.  “To have them all independently tested and endorsed by the FBHVC provides customers with peace of mind.”

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