Millers nanotechnology praised by race partner

Millers nanotechnology praised by race partner

Millers Oils’ technical partner, Fortec Motorsport has had an exceptional season across a variety of disciplines, including Formula 3, World Series by Renault and the Blancpain Sprint Series.

The 2014 seasons saw the British racing team accomplish 24 podiums, placing in the top three in 6 championships, including first and second in the British F3 Driver’s Championship.

Through sophisticated oil analysis and track and dyno data provided by Fortec Motorsport, Millers Oils has been able to prove the benefits of its Nanodrive® lubricants, the first oils to use nanotechnology. This data helps the company to monitor how its products improve vehicle performance and durability in harsh environments, in turn guiding future product development.

“Having previously tested Nanodrive® with the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 on a dyno, and seen a 1.5% increase in peak power, we knew we could expect good things,” says Trevor Foster, Fortec Motorsport Team Manager. “The improvement in vehicle performance and durability that the oil has provided over the season has been particularly impressive and a valuable resource to the team.”

Fortec’s cars run a range of Millers Oils products, including the Nanodrive® gearbox and engine oils, CV joint grease and Extra Cool®. The nanotechnology utilised in Nanodrive® reduces friction, without compromising film strength, in turn reducing parasitic loses, fuel consumption and wear while improving power and torque. This reduction in friction helps race teams retain durability in an environment that can be exceptionally harsh on components, while at the same time providing them with a competitive edge.

“It’s great to see our technical partner, Fortec achieve such strong results,” says Martyn Mann, Technical Director, Millers Oils. “We’re passionate about supporting motorsport teams, it’s a crucial proving ground for our technology, enabling us to test our products in demanding environments. We wish Fortec the best of luck for the 2015 season.”

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