Millers Oils brings nanotechnology to its classic range

Millers Oils brings nanotechnology to its classic range

Millers Oils will introduce a new High Performance Classic 20w50NT oil at Race Retro, Stoneleigh Park, February 21-23.

“Many classic car owners don’t realise that most post-war cars run just as well, if not better, on modern synthetic oils as they do on mineral oils,” says Nevil Hall, Joint Managing Director, Millers Oils. “Race Retro provides an ideal opportunity to increase awareness of the crucial role modern oil development can play in extending the lifetime of classic engines.”

Reduced ZDDP additive levels work alongside Millers Oils’ proven nanotechnology package, providing both an exceptionally low friction engine oil and excellent oil film durability. This gives the dual benefit of improved friction through both the nanotechnology and the reduction of ZDDP. Millers Oils’ conventional CFS 10w60 has 1,200 ZDDP parts per million, whereas its CFS 10w60 NT uses just 1,000 ppm.

Nanodrive technology still offers exceptional anti-wear protection for older engines, something Millers say is increasingly absent from modern oils. The 20w50NT oil utilises nanotechnology to reduce friction by up to 63%, which in turn provides a reduction in wear by up to 38% compared to other synthetic oils of the same grade.

“When investing heavily in a classic car, why wouldn’t you use the most advanced oil to maintain it?” said Hall. “By developing and producing innovative oils for the classic market, we aim to enable owners to protect their investments, while at the same time enjoying them to the fullest extent.”

The company’s new advice service enables consumers to check what oil is best for their car by connecting directly to technical support staff at Millers Oils by email. You can also do this from the ‘More Details’ button below.

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