Millers Oils engineer wins award for oil technology research

Millers Oils engineer wins award for oil technology research

Dr. Rai Singh Notay of Millers Oils has won an award for his experimental research into lubrication degradation.

The Product Development Engineer wrote his paper exploring how oil degradation and flow around engine components can be affected by new automotive technology trends such as start-stop systems and downsizing. He was awarded first prize for the Communication in Engineering competition by the Yorkshire Automotive Division of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

“I am honoured to receive this prestigious award from the IMechE and am pleased that the need to develop oil alongside automotive technology is being recognised by the industry,” says Dr. Rai Singh Notay. “Working for Millers Oils allows me to continue researching into how oil technology needs to progress and help develop the products needed to enable new component technologies for vehicle manufacturers.”

The paper looks at how the automotive industry focuses on improvements to fuel economy and reductions in harmful exhaust emissions, but may have forgotten how modern technology impacts engine oils. Notay’s research mirrors the views of Millers Oils, which believes that oil technology has a crucial role to play in helping OEMs meet legislation targets and should be considered as an important factor in vehicle development.

“At Millers Oils we believe in putting oil back on the map and strive to develop innovative oil technologies that not only provide benefits to consumers but also enable advances in automotive technology.” said Nevil Hall, Joint Managing Director, Millers Oils.

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