Millers Oils the lubricant partner for AMD team in BTCC

Millers Oils the lubricant partner for AMD team in BTCC

Millers Oils is set to further prove and test its innovative oil technologies in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

Millers Oils has signed a deal to provide AMD’s BTCC Ford Focus with all necessary lubricants, including the award-winning Nanodrive engine and gearbox oils. The deal not only demonstrates that motorsport teams are recognising the potential durability and performance benefits of Nanodrive, but also gives Millers Oils a chance to further test and prove its technologies in the harsh environment of motorsport.

“The BTCC lubricant partner deal with AMD adds to the recognition Nanodrive is receiving, throughout motorsport for its durability and performance benefits,” says Jason Lavender, Business Development Manager. “Previous dyno tests have shown the Nanodrive range provides a competitive advantage such as an 8hp increase on a Mercedes SLS AMG GT3.”

The deal will see Millers Oils become the official lubricant technical partner for the AMD Ford Focus car, driven by Dave Newsham in the BTCC. Along with supplying the Ford Focus with CFS 10w60 Nanodrive engine oil, Millers will provide CRX 75w90 LS Nanodrive gearbox oil, R300+ Racing brake fluid, brake cleaner, Extra Cool radiator fluid and Hymol 20 Grease.

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