Millers Oils make Sunday Times list

Millers Oils make Sunday Times list

Millers Oils have burst into the Sunday Times International Track 200 league table, published 7th July. The list, produced by Fast Track, ranked Millers 127th out of 200 private British companies with the fastest growing overseas sales.

Millers is known in the aftermarket for developing a wide range of high performance oils, fuel treatment and car care products which are sold under Premium, Motorsport, Classic and Trident brands. Recent developments have included the introduction of energy efficient engine oils; these reduce wear, to prolong the life of engines, and have been shown to create a fuel saving of up to 2.5%. ‘Nanodrive’ technology reduces friction without affecting viscosity or compromising engine protection – as less energy is required to turn the engine, less fuel is used.

Millers Oils supplies their specialist lubricants and fuel additives to customers as far afield as the Middle East and the Americas. The Yorkshire-based company, which employs around 120 people and has total sales of £26.4 million, made it into the prestigious top 200 after growing international sales by 39% in the past two years to £2.42 million. Millers was delighted to be listed alongside prominent high street names like Specsavers, Hunter Boots, Dr Martens and Cath Kidston.

The HSBC-sponsored feature attributed sales growth to both nanotechnology product innovation and the presence of a strong overseas distributor network.

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