Our Virtual Academy adds to 4 gas analysis course

Latest chapter helps technicians to understand 'indicators of common faults'

Our Virtual Academy adds to 4 gas analysis course
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Our Virtual Academy, a provider of online courses for technicians, has announced the arrival of the latest chapter in Engine Management, Petrol and Emissions: Understanding 4 Gas Analysis.

Covering the subject of ‘Fuel trim – indicators of common faults’, the newly-released chapter looks at two example faults, and how to use fuel trim readings to identify them.

In the next chapter, which is coming soon, Our Virtual Academy will draw on everything that has been learned so far in this course to diagnose some fairly typical real world faults.

Our Virtual Academy advises working through the first three parts of the course first, which explain the subject, evaluate lambda and breaks down air and fuel into their constituent chemical parts.

The remaining chapters will be issued over the coming weeks.

Subscribers get unlimited access to all of Our Virtual Academy’s online training, 24-hours-a-day, so technicians can learn when and how it suits them.

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