Our Virtual Academy releases new hybrid maintenance training chapter

Four part chapter now available online for subscribers

Our Virtual Academy releases new hybrid maintenance training chapter
Our Virtual Academy subscribers get unlimited access to all courses, 24 hours a day.

Digital training provider, Our Virtual Academy has released a four-part chapter in its hybrid maintenance module: charging plug-in hybrid and electrical vehicles, parts one to four.

An Our Virtual Academy spokesperson said: “With no universal global standard for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, the charging process actually has a number of variables that you’ll need to be clued up on.

“Our four part chapter has it covered.”

Part one offers an overview of safety considerations before part two reveals the four different charging modes.

Part three covers the charge plug types and part four takes delegates through the process of charging, including charge times and cost.

Our Virtual Academy has a growing number of related courses in its hybrid and electric vehicles category.

Subscribers get unlimited access to all online training, 24 hours a day.

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