Refrigerant handling training available on Our Virtual Academy

Intro-training now available and to be followed by complete course of chapters

Refrigerant handling training available on Our Virtual Academy

Digital training provider, Our Virtual Academy has released the first part of a series on the rules associated to handling refrigerant and refrigerant’s environmental impact.

An Our Virtual Acamdey spokesperson said: “This knowledge is critical to your understanding of the responsibilities you have when working with the various different refrigerants and, it will prove invaluable for those looking to gain qualifications allowing them to work on air conditioning systems.

“This suite of chapters is a precursor to our soon-to-be released suite of chapters on refrigerant handling that we will be releasing soon.

“We’re sure you’ll find the knowledge you learn in this series to be really useful and, as ever, don’t forget, if you want to refresh your knowledge at any time, you can revisit all of our courses as often as you like, and re-learn them on demand.”

Subscribers get unlimited access to all OVA online training, 24-hours-a-day.

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