In pictures: Pagid UK track testing ensures quality

Behind-the-scenes photoshoot reveals extensive testing at UK-based TMD Friction test track

In pictures: Pagid UK track testing ensures quality
Pagid braking products are put through their paces before they reach the end user.

A recent photoshoot at TMD Friction’s test track in East Yorkshire has revealed the extensive testing Pagid braking products endure before they are put into production.

Pagid is a key brand of OE and aftermarket brake manufacturer, TMD Friction, which invests €30million in research and development annually.

Following machine testing, Pagid brakes are track-tested at TMD Friction’s own facility, on its own fleet of vehicles, allowing specific assessments to be carried out at very high speeds, without interfering with the public.

Comprising a BMW 3 Series, 3-litre, an Audi A4 2-litre, an Audi A5 3-litre, a VW Golf and a Ford Transit Connect, the Pagid test fleet, which covers a broad range of applications and braking systems, undergoes extensive testing where everything from judder and noise, to hill hold capability and overall stopping performance are assessed.

Recreating worst-case scenarios

Having its own test track and fleet and recreating worst-case scenarios such as being at maximum load and extreme high-speed driving and braking, means TMD can be confident its products will meet the expectations of the public.

At TMD’s new test track at Seaton Ross, which measures 1.7km in length and occupies a former RAF air base, tests are carried out eight hours a day, five days a week, by three highly experienced driver technicians.

Telematic data loggers record speed, the pressure when the brake is applied, initial and final brake temperatures, and deceleration, allowing research and development to monitor data in real-time while the driver is on the track.

Extensive testing and benchmarking

Phil Woodcock, Pagid key account manager for UK & Eire, said: “I believe we are unique as a friction manufacturer in having our own test track here in the UK, as well as our own test fleet, and this illustrates that our commitment to producing the highest quality and most reliable braking products extends far beyond the lab and workshop.

“Having our own track enables us to far-exceed legal speed limits and carry out extensive testing and benchmarking to ensure superior quality and safety for the end user, while keeping out of the general public’s way.”

Only following extensive in-house machine testing will any friction material be tested on the track.

Physical property tests, highly specialised noise and high-speed dynamometer testing are carried out, in addition to the AK master test, block wear test, AMS test, and comfort testing, which analyses noise and judder.

Alpine testing

After successfully completing all the machine tests, Alpine testing also takes place, where the friction material will reach very high temperatures and its integrity, stopping performance and thermal conductivity are analysed.

TMD Friction has 45 in-house dynamometers, illustrating the group’s extensive research and development capabilities.

Covering 99 per cent of the UK’s vehicle parc, Pagid offers the widest range of brake pads and discs on the market, complemented by a full range of professional braking tools.

Exclusively available through Euro Car Parts, workshops benefit from unrivalled availability and service, with delivery usually within 30 minutes to ensure fast turnaround.

Every Pagid brake pad and disc comes with a 25,000-mile or 25-month warranty.

For further information about Pagid, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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