Philips automotive lighting releases LED training videos

New video series explains everything you need to know about LED lighting

Philips automotive lighting releases LED training videos

Philips Automotive Lighting has been at the forefront of vehicle lighting technology and innovation since 1914 and has now released a series of new LED technology training videos.

The science of LED lighting can trace its history back more than a century, but LEDs as we know them really came into being in the 1960s with this type of lighting becoming increasingly commonplace in the last 20 years.

LEDs are now part of our everyday life and their use in vehicles is widespread – and still increasing – so the subject matter is multi-faceted.

Philips products can be found in one in every three new cars sold in Europe.

The series of Philips Automotive Lighting videos firstly breaks down LED vehicle lighting into a series of manageable chunks, exploring various key topics that both workshops and motorists should be mindful of, before taking the plunge into LED replacement lighting.

The series then explains vehicle lighting as a whole offering some fascinating information on this safety critical area of owning, running or working on a car, motorbike or commercial vehicle.

The videos are cleverly crafted to bring the technology to life in a chat show format, with a genial host interviewing a series of experts from Lumileds, who manufacture and distribute Philips automotive lighting products globally.

Lumileds’ UK and Ireland automotive business development manager, Richard Armstrong said: “It demystifies the subject matter and gives technicians and consumers alike, the information they need to make an informed choice about vehicle lighting in general and LED Lighting in particular.

“It can help you both avoid costly mistakes and, more importantly, stay safe.

“It will also make you an instant automotive lighting expert.”

The first videos in the series are now available to view through Lumileds’ Linked-In page.

To watch the videos, subscribe to Philips Automotive Lighting Europe on YouTube.

For local stockists, check the Philips authorised partners page by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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