CAN bus diagnostics and serial data decoding walkthrough video announced by Pico

Technicians to be taken through every step of diagnosing CAN bus systems faults

CAN bus diagnostics and serial data decoding walkthrough video announced by Pico
Pico Technology delivers regular guides to support garages with diagnosing and solving issues.

Pico Auto will be premiering its next Practical Pico video for technicians, CAN bus diagnostics and serial data decoding, after a successful webinar in January.

The video will be broadcast on its YouTube channel and Facebook page on Monday, 25 March and will be followed by a live Q&A session on both platforms, on Wednesday, 27 March.

In the presentation, Pico will describe PicoScope features and techniques technicians can use to diagnose faults in CAN bus systems.

First, they will illustrate how to check the network physically and find common circuit faults, before exploring PicoScope’s serial data decoding feature and how it can be used to examine CAN communications.

During the live session, three members of the Pico Auto team will be answering questions that were asked during and after the presentation, as well as during the live session.

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Pico will be providing access information to its video premiere within its newsletter as well – you can sign up to that here.

Pico Technology is an industry provider of oscilloscope and data-logger-based diagnostic tools for independent garages and the wider automotive aftermarket.

Find out more about Pico Autos CAN bus systems diagnostics software and how it works by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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