How PicoScope solved this Nissan X-Trail injector fault

What did the PicoScope display to solve a potentially expensive problem?

How PicoScope solved this Nissan X-Trail injector fault
Pico Technology ensured that confusion regarding the source of a fault was quickly dispelled.

Every garage has faced this issue; without the information or tools to truly identify the cause of a fault but needing answers: one garage was recently faced with an injector issue, Pico Technology stepped in to offer a cost and time-saving solution.

A Nissan X-Trail entered a garage and two faults were quickly diagnosed claiming to affect all four cylinders.

Trying to ascertain the issue was a more complicated issue, which could have taken many hours of tests and trial and error.

With Pico’s 4425 and 4225 oscilloscopes and automotive software, identifying anomalies was simplified and laid out plainly on a computer screen through real-time readouts.

The injectors in question on the X-Trail were piezos, ran at a much higher voltage than solenoid varieties – which is a hazard in itself if checks on voltage are not undertaken prior to work being undertaken.

By utilising the peak to peak measurement in PicoScope 6, the technician could see if there were any excessive differences between the other cylinders.

From cold, there were no major differences, so the next step was to gather data from when the engine cut out.

There was no knowledge of whether the fault was related to a wiring issue, an injector, or all four injectors, therefore the technician decided to take a look at the injector to begin with.

Isolate issues with multiple channel readouts

Readouts (see below) were available to directly compare injector voltages and current, with further concurrent displays looking at crank maths channels and sensor signals, ensuring immediate correlations could be drawn and issues addressed quickly.

Pico Technology enables real-time displays of multiple elements of a vehicle simultaneously. Picture courtesy of Pico Technology

The image above illustrates the correlation between loss of voltage in cylinder three and the engine stalling.

By isolating the issue in this way, the technician proceeded to attempt turning the engine on with injector three enabled and then disabled: injector three was immediately identified as the culprit.

Without the readouts available from Pico Technology, it would have been easy to replace all four injectors at a far higher cost to the customer, given the initial diagnostic fault pointed to the issue being a unilateral injector one.

The latest technology ensures that garages can work more scientifically and reduce costs for customers.

You can find out more about Pico Technology and what it can bring to your diagnostics process here.

Read the Nissan X-Trail piezo injector case study in full by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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