How garage owners can overcome employment headaches

Specialist tips that can help garages to fill that next vacancy more easily

How garage owners can overcome employment headaches

Progress Recruitment Solutions (UK), the Norwich-based automotive recruitment specialist, says concerns garage owners have when hiring new employees are well-founded but can be overcome.

“It’s not something they do often so it’s outside the comfort zone,” said Laura Rycroft, Managing Director of Progress Recruitment. “This can make for hesitancy when there’s a need for clarity.”

Many garages realise the old stereotype of an employer holding all the cards no longer rings true.

Skills shortages in the automotive aftermarket are becoming acute; too few youngsters joining to replace those leaving has seen the pool of skilled labour shrinking year-on-year.

Progress Recruitment first suggests garages begin by changing their mind-set from ‘buyers’ of staff to ‘sellers’ trying to convince good prospects to join.

“It helps you really understand what you can offer,” said Laura. “Then create a clear job role and be as transparent as possible to attract suitable people.”

Competitive pay and job location will always be important but don’t assume you simply have to pay more.

“Consider whether you can bring someone in with lower skills or less experience and develop them, so they can learn habits that fit your business,” said Laura.

Progress also suggests looking at other flexible elements that can add high perceived value but at little cost.

“Staff training, job support or mentoring and opportunities for career development are all really key motivators for candidates,” said Laura.

“Can you also support candidates with young families? If there’s scope to allow them to shuffle work and home commitments occasionally make sure they know this as a little flexibility here creates a lot of goodwill.

“Even in today’s aftermarket of rapidly changing technology people still want to enjoy work so if you offer a friendly, fun or family-orientated ethos tell people about it.”

Once you’ve identified someone suitable, Progress Recruitment urges garages to act fast. Let candidates know they’re a good fit and then proceed quickly with an offer – whilst you’re ploughing on through scheduled interviews they might find something else.

Last but not least, garages who feel they need professional assistance to manage the process and reduce their time commitment can particularly benefit from working with a specialist recruitment agency.

We can help right through the process, advising on job description, pay and benefits to advertising before managing candidate screening, short-listing and interviewing,” said Laura.

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