Revive DPFs say Randstad

Revive DPFs say Randstad

Randstad Ltd are urging workshops not to remove diesel particulate filters (DPFs) but revive them instead with their new TerraClean EGR cleaning tool.

Cleaning the DPF using the EGR tool is a professional process that should be carried out by trained technicians. The tools works by connecting to the differential pressure sensor front pipe and running the TerraDiesel EGR and Induction System Cleaner through the system. Randstad say this can restore air flow to inlet manifolds, improving swirl flap operation and cleaning DPFs.

Martin Dowd, Randstad managing director, said: “The new EGR Cleaning Tool provides workshops in the UK with an excellent opportunity to offer a DPF revival / restoration service instead of a removal, which is now an MoT failure.”

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