Remove My Car donate £3,500 to BEN

Remove My Car donate £3,500 to BEN

BEN has been boosted by a donation of £3,507 raised after vehicle removal specialist Remove My Car donated £1 for every single End of Life vehicle (ELV) that it bought during January.

The charity initiative has helped consumers and traders to quickly dispose of their old cars, which may have failed an MOT, or become too costly to repair, in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Remove My Car provides instant online quotes for scrap vehicles on its website and responds to hundreds of enquiries every day from motorists, motor traders and garages looking to sell end-of-life vehicles for scrap.

Remove My Car Managing Director Steve Queen said: “We wanted to do something worthwhile to support BEN and demonstrate the effectiveness of our online quotation system at the same time.”

Nigel Williams, Commercial Development Manager at BEN said: “We are delighted with the money raised by Remove My Car, which will really help us to continue to make a difference to so many people working in the automotive industry.”

Remove My Car will continue to raise funds for BEN through its unique Give A Scrap initiative which starts on March 1. The campaign will encourage consumers and traders to donate an end-of-life vehicle to BEN.

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