Peak power & diagnostics support from SmartChargePro

Peak power & diagnostics support from SmartChargePro

The SmartChargePro range has an eight stage charging cycle to extend battery life and improve performance.

Ring Automotive’s SmartChargePro can diagnose, recondition and service a battery. The range includes six 12v models; 7A, 10A, 15A, 25A, 35A, 50A and a 24v 8A model.

With more different types of vehicle battery than ever, the SmartChargePro’s unique Programmable Multi-Chemistry feature  allows technicians to set the charging profile to suit the battery chemistry type (AGM, Calcium, GEL or Lead). This ensures full optimum charging for each battery, maximising performance.

It is easy and intuitive to use, simply plug into the mains, connect to the battery and set the battery type. The SmartChargePro will do the rest. If needed, there is a manual recondition function to recover batteries from a deeply discharged state to improve performance allowing the battery to operate at full capacity. The SmartChargePro range will also adjust its charge rate to compensate for any increase in battery temperature to fully protect the battery.

SmartChargePro also has a battery support function to sustain a vehicle’s electrical system during diagnostic work. Diagnostic work places a large draw on the battery; especially when it runs tests that actuate the motors. It is important that when such work is being done the voltage is maintained and does not drop as this can interrupt the data upload and possibly corrupt the ECU. The constant and stable 13.8 voltage provided by the SmartChargePro when used in the battery support mode prevents loss of power ensuring a smooth diagnostic upload and no damage to the on-board ECU.

SmartChargePro not only provides the most sophisticated tool for accurately charging a battery, it also ensures accurate and safe diagnostic servicing, effectively offering two tools for the price of one!

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