Plug into battery service revenue with SmartChargePro

Plug into battery service revenue with SmartChargePro

A battery charger is not always seen as vital tool. Many workshops still choose to rely on a battery powerpack to jumpstart a low battery, or opt for replacement where battery faults present themselves.

However, environmental concerns and motorists seeking to cut car maintenance costs give garages opportunity to provide an additional service with the SmartChargePro range of battery chargers from Ring Automotive.

With SmartChargePro, mechanics can offer a battery service when used in conjunction with a battery analyser. So when the vehicle comes in for a service, a quick check of the battery’s health with the battery analyser will tell if the battery needs to be charged. If it does, the SmartChargePro can be attached to charge the battery back to its optimum level. Once the charge cycle has been completed, the battery analyser can be reattached to indicate the improvement made. A print out can be taken to show the customer what work has been done.

Motorists avoid the cost of battery replacement and the hassle of claims for the battery warranty. They will see an improvement in battery performance too; essential to deal with the constant drain from the ever increasing on board electronic equipment and in-car gadgets.

Garages enhance their reputation with customers whilst building a profitable and simple revenue stream that requires minimal space, time or financial investment.

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