Ring Automotive urges technicians to prioritise headlight alignment

Maximising profit while ensuring road safety

Ring Automotive urges technicians to prioritise headlight alignment

Ring Automotive, has emphasised the importance of headlight alignment to technicians. Despite the thriving aftermarket industry, there’s still room to increase profitability.

An anonymous survey conducted by Ring Automotive revealed that many technicians miss opportunities related to bulb replacement. Specifically, 76% of technicians do not advise customers to replace bulbs in pairs, and 50% of workshops do not charge for fitting bulbs, resulting in lost profit.

When technicians change a bulb, they should also align the headlight properly. Rather than merely informing customers about bulb replacement, technicians can add value by explaining that both headlamp bulbs have been replaced to ensure even light output and correct alignment.

This presents an ideal opportunity for upselling services. When a car needs a new headlamp bulb, replacing it as part of a pair and aligning them correctly should be standard practice, warranting an appropriate charge.

Properly aligned headlights not only ensure the correct beam pattern but also prevent glare for other road users. And with recent concerns about drivers being dazzled by headlights, workshops can enhance safety and generate additional revenue by prioritising headlight alignment.

Ring Automotive encourages workshops to use reputable and quality bulbs while ensuring precise alignment for maximum visibility on the road. 

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