Ring brightens workshops with wireless charging worklamps

Techs can ditch the plugs with Ring's magnetic charging lamps and increased light output

Ring brightens workshops with wireless charging worklamps

Ring has unveiled an innovative upgrade to its MAGflex Pro Fast Charge Inspection Lamps, making technicians’ lives easier and workshops more efficient.

The new models (RIL4200/REIL4200 and RIL4300/REIL4300) benefit from increased brightness as well as an industry first – wireless charging for worklamps.

Previously taking an hour to recharge, these lamps can now be conveniently placed on a magnetic charging pad (RIL7100 for RIL4200 and RIL7200 for RIL4300), eliminating the need to fumble with cords and saving valuable time.

“Magnetic charger pads are a common sight, but rare in the automotive industry,” Ring acknowledges. “This new feature allows technicians to simply set the lamp down and walk away, maximising their time and the workshop’s efficiency.”

Further enhancing visibility, Ring has upped the lumens from 500 to 600.

Popular features haven’t been sacrificed though, the new lamps retain the magnetic bases and hooks for hands-free operation, while the RIL7200 (formerly RIL4300) maintains its adjustable head for directing light precisely where needed. Additionally, the IK08 rating ensures these lamps are built tough to withstand demanding workshop environments.

Ring is offering a limited-time bundle deal that includes both lamps, a single charging pad, and a dual charging pad for just £79.99.

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