Extra seven million vehicles covered by existing SMPE parts

Air mass meter and oxygen sensor ranges benefit from vehicle coverage boost

Extra seven million vehicles covered by existing SMPE parts

Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE) has announced that a combined seven million additional vehicles are now covered by two of its existing ranges, for its air mass meters and oxygen (O2) sensors.

SMPE’s existing air mass meter range now covers a further 1,263 models, equating to 2,261,627 vehicles in the UK car parc.

Meanwhile, its O2 sensor range includes 665 part numbers covering 4,757,428 UK vehicles.

Although quite simple in operation, the SMPE produced air mass meter is an extremely complex component.

The platinum element is held at a constant temperature of 380° C.

The complex electronic circuitry ensures that this temperature is maintained regardless of the volume of air entering the inlet tract thus cooling the sensor.

The ECU interprets the current draw required to maintain the temperature of the sensor and so provide the appropriate injector and ignition control.

SMPE sensors undergo 100 per cent testing, ensuring better quality, increased confidence, and improved performance.

In addition, SMPE sensors are thermally conditioned, burning off any contaminants to prolong unit life and performance.

The company manufactures a comprehensive programme of OE style Zirconia and Titania O2 sensors covering over 3,500 vehicle applications.

Available in single, twin, three and four wire versions to suit the application, the sensors are made to extremely high standards to ensure they match OE performance criteria.

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