SMPE increases offering to garages with latest reverse light switch range

Over 1 million additional vehicles now covered by increased product availability

SMPE increases offering to garages with latest reverse light switch range
SMPE has increased its coverage for garage customers with extending its reverse light switch range.

SMPE (Standard Motor Products Europe) has announced an addition in applications under its leading vehicle management portfolio, adding its reverse light switch range to garage customer availability.

The range now covers an additional 470 vehicle models and 1,003,012 more vehicles on UK roads.

As part of its ongoing catalogue development, this is the latest increase across a series of SMPE ranges involving a total of 3,552 parts, resulting in additional coverage for 14,516,066 million cars on the UK’s roads.

This boosts SMPE’s aftermarket portfolio to provide a competitive offering for garages and factors in terms of choice and availability.

SMPE’s reverse light switch range alone includes 143 part numbers covering 30,619,883 UK vehicles.

Fitted directly into the gearbox, a reverse light switch is a mechanical switch primarily used to turn on the reverse lights.

The reverse lights are controlled by either a switching replay, or, on later vehicles, the ECU control.

Failure symptoms include no reverse lights.

The sensor might not always be at fault

As with other sensors, it is important that technicians do not assume that the sensor is always at fault.

It is advised to check the live feed and output signal before diagnosing this.

As a part that suffers from wear, the operating cam within the gearbox should also be checked for wear in older vehicles.

SMPE offers a range of vehicle management components which are factory tested and come with a two-year warranty.

The company has created a European-wide aftermarket programme via a range of trusted brands, which are firmly established throughout all tiers of distribution.

Technician troubleshooting for Reverse Light Switch

Symptom: Reverse lights fail to light up
Possible cause of failure: Damaged switch connectors


• Before locating the reverse light switch, ensure that the ignition is switched off.

• Firstly, locate the switch and ensure that all connecting wires are secure – checking for any corrosion or leaks as any moisture present may damage the electrical connectors.

• Once this check has been performed, connect a multimeter to the reverse light switch and put the vehicle into reverse gear. The meter should register between 10 and 14 volts. If this isn’t the case, the signal isn’t being received from the gearbox and all surrounding wires will need to be tested.

• If there is a signal, the resistance of the switch will need to be tested by connecting the switch to a multimeter. The resistance of the switch should be less than 10 ohm. If higher, the switch will need replacing.

• If none of the above reveals any switch defects, ensure that all fuses and bulbs are correctly inserted and operating correctly.

Find out about all the products on offer from SMPE by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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