Cabin filter replacement is ‘too frequently forgotten’, Sogefi says

Pollen and activated carbon filters protect against external pollution and bad smells

Cabin filter replacement is ‘too frequently forgotten’, Sogefi says
New Sogefi cabin filter applications are now available.

Sogefi has released pollen cabin filters into the aftermarket for: Mercedes Benz Classe V and Vito available with the brand codes: Purflux AH513, FRAM® CF12139, CoopersFiaam PC8473 and for Renault ESPACE V (1.6 dCi and 1.6 TCe) available in the codes: Purflux AH514, FRAM® CF12117, CoopersFiaam PC8474.

It has also released an activated carbon filter for a wide range of applications.

The pollen cabin air filter stops particles bigger than 40 microns, including dust, pollen, bacteria, braking residues, mould, sulphur oxides and exhaust gases.

The activated carbon filter stops particles as well as odours thanks to Sogefi’s high tech design that consists of three filtration layers: one active carbon layer between two layers of non-woven fibres.

In addition, it reduces the concentration of noxious gases inside the car that could cause headaches, irritation and coughing.

Regular replacement

This regular replacement also allows the ventilation system to continue to work at optimum performance, ensuring the windscreen is kept clean and clear.

In an urban environment, filter efficiency reduces even faster, especially in traffic jams and at low speeds when the air quality is poor and is not renewed enough.

For further information about Sogefi’s products and for fitting instructions, go to, and

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