Why laser wheel alignment machines are still a popular choice for workshops

Straightset garage equipment expert talks laser wheel alignment

Why laser wheel alignment machines are still a popular choice for workshops

One thing most workshop managers will agree on is the importance of being able to offer wheel alignment checks to its customers.

However, with so many wheel alignment solutions in the market, we take a look at the benefits of laser wheel alignment equipment as a solution for workshops and garages alike.

What is Laser wheel alignment?

Laser wheel alignment is an effective and speedy process for aligning wheels, ensuring that the wheels of the vehicle are set to the optimum position, using beams of light to check that your cars wheels are aligned correctly.

The vehicle is put on a ramp, allowing the wheels to rotate. Gauges are attached to each of the wheels and a light beam is shone from one wheel to another.

From this, the technician can calculate the alignment from where the laser falls on the scales on each wheel.

Depending on where the beams of light fall on a scale, the technician can see whether the wheels are in or out of alignment.

With the use of a digital camber castor gauge, camber and castor can also be measured – if necessary, corrections will be made to restore the alignment.

Benefits of laser wheel alignment

Depending upon which manufacturer of laser wheel alignment machines you choose, generally speaking the main benefits of laser wheel alignment machines are:

  • More affordable than computerised versions – offering faster return on investment
  • Easy to set up and operate – with quick, accurate and simple measurement
  • Lower maintenance costs – don’t require database upgrades
  • Customisable to be Mobile or wall hung – depending upon individual requirements

Supertracker laser wheel alignment machines

The iconic laser wheel alignment machines from Supertracker have been accurately offering wheel alignment solutions for independent, fast fit workshops, used car centres and motor dealerships for the last 30 years.

That’s due them offering quick, easy to use, accurate, durable wheel alignment with a fast return on investment.

List prices starting from as low as £1,905.75.

Supertracker wheel alignment solutions are now available via Straightset.

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