Essential winter skincare tips for technicians

Swarfega recommends mechanics use moisturiser to help prevent skin conditions from developing

Essential winter skincare tips for technicians
Swarfega products are developed and supported by 70 years of experience in skincare.

Working with common workplace contaminants such as oil and grease can seriously affect the skin, Swarfega is reminding mechanics this winter.

Many in the workshop resort to disposable gloves to protect the hands, but these in turn come with their own problems and the cold and wet weather we experience during the winter months only increases the risks.

A Swarfega spokesperson said: “Skincare is a growing issue for those who work with their hands.

“Redness, soreness and even occupational skin disorders such as dermatitis are more prevalent at this time of year and can seriously affect the skin.

“In the winter months, cold weather can be particularly harsh on the skin.

“When the air is cooler and the humidity drops, moisture in the skin tends to evaporate more quickly.

“This means that moisturisers are even more important at this time of year to prevent skin conditions developing.”

Preventing skin from drying out

Swarfega say after-work creams are ideal in winter, maintaining the skin’s natural barrier function, and preventing skin drying out.

Products such as TOUGH by Swarfega Gel Moisturiser are easily absorbed, and can be used on the hands as well as the face, which are the most commonly-exposed areas, and replenish the skin effectively after cleaning.

The spokesperson added: “When protecting skin on the hands, an after-work cream is best used alongside protection cream applied before work and after washing along with a carefully matched hand cleaner.

“Protection cream helps make the skin easier to clean and helps to strengthen the upper layer of the skin, which means that a gentler hand cleaner is required after a shift.

“This is in turn kinder on the skin in cold weather.

“The moisturiser then effectively hydrates stressed skin and replenishes any lost moisture.

“The combined use of all three products is the best way to protect the skin against harsh winter weather.”

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