Four workshop contaminants to avoid direct skin contact with

Top irritants to avoid include engine oil, cleaning and degreasing substances

Four workshop contaminants to avoid direct skin contact with
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Suffering from an occupational skin disorder (OSD) can have serious physical and financial consequences, according to Swarfega which is now warning against direct skin contact with four common workshop contaminants.

Swarfega say the top irritants include engine oil, cleaning and degreasing substances, fine dust, two-part adhesives, body fillers and foam fillers.

A Swarfega spokesperson said: “Contact with the above substances can cause a range of skin disorders – engine oil is one of the worst culprits, and in some cases, repeated exposure can even cause skin cancer.

Skin disorders

“Cleaning and degreasing substances are not designed for contact with skin, and exposure can cause dermatitis, as can fine dust created by hand sanding.

“Something to bear in mind is that dermatitis and skin disorders do not necessarily develop where the skin has come into contact with the contaminant – traces of the substance may be transferred to the face or neck, where a skin disorder then develops.”

For garage workers, it is vital that a good skin care routine is maintained.

Swarfega recommend protecting the skin with pre-work barrier creams, choosing an appropriate hand cleaner to wash hands, and replenishing the skin with a moisturising cream after a shift.

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