Mechanics scoop Bronze in “Toughest Trade 2018” competition

Swarfega announces the winner of it's competition and £200 Amazon grand prize

Mechanics scoop Bronze in “Toughest Trade 2018” competition
Mechanics made up the majority of entrants, with 20 per cent coming from this sector.

Mechanics receive a Bronze medal from Swarfega’s “Tough-O-Meter” as it’s Toughest Trade social media competition draws to a close.

Vying for the top spot in Swarfega’s Toughest Trade Award, tradies from across Britain sent in pictures of their toughest task.

Using it’s trust Tough-O-Meter, Swarfega judged each entry with the hardest rated as “Tough as Vinnie Jones” and the softest branded “Tough as a cup of tea”.

Top five

The top five saw entrants from Charlie Nash, “the victorian-chimney-sweep-sized plumber” who sent in a picture of a macerator he was maintaining in a tiny loft space.

Linesmen came in at a respectful fourth, after pointing out that they are constantly “working with live cables, heavy plant, corrosive chemicals, climbing poles and towers.”

Mechanics made up the highest number of entrants into the competition, with nearly 20 per cent coming from this sector, but were just pipped at the post by offshore scaffolder Graeme Lang who said: “Working in the middle of the sea in all storms and weathers, scaffolding over the sea is tough.

“I’ve been hanging by my nuts over the sea for 15 years.”

However the winner and therefore recipient of the £200 Amazon voucher and grudging respect from other trades was plasterer Russel Ennis.


“As a thank you for getting involved, Swarfega is sending out a Tough by Swarfega shower gel to the first 50 applicants in this year’s contest,” a Swarfega spokesman confirmed.

“If you disagree with this decision, let us know why on Facebook or Twitter.”

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