Protect your hands on the job with these quick and easy tips

Swarfega provides an easy-to-follow three-step guide to avoiding job-related skin problems

Protect your hands on the job with these quick and easy tips
Swarfega products are developed and supported by 70 years of experience in skincare.

With the motor mechanic profession being so hands-on, it’s often the skin that takes the flak, exposure to oil and grease, and washing hands up to 10 times a day, can all take its toll.

With over 70 years of experience in skincare, Swarfega know a thing or two about keeping hands healthy.

One of the most common skin complaints among mechanics is dermatitis, which can manifest as a rash or dry and painfully cracked skin.

It is possible that exposure to contaminants can also cause a severe allergic reaction.

These reactions may well develop for a contaminant you’ve been using for years and there’s no quick fix for this and once your skin has reacted in this way to a specific contaminant, it will continue to do so the next time it comes into contact.

To combat this, Swarfega recommend a three-step approach to keeping your skin in good condition.

“Protection is key, helping to guard your skin against harmful contaminants is vital – Swarfega’s hand protection cream is ideal for this, and also protects against non-water-based contaminants such as dry powders,” commented a Swarfega spokesman.

“Following this, washing your hands on a regular basis helps to prevent grease and grime becoming ingrained.

“After washing Swarfega’s restoration creams replenish natural oils and maintain healthy skin.”

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