Swarfega celebrates its celebrity social media encounters

What did James May have to say when he encountered Swarfega?

Swarfega celebrates its celebrity social media encounters
Swarfega has interacted with some of UK's biggest celebrities through its social media presence.

Swarfega has done more than pioneer new cleaning products during the last seven years; on Twitter, they have also had more than a few run-ins with famous faces.

Since inception in 1947, Swarfega has continued to develop its green cleaning gel and become synonymous with cleanliness, and has had no shortage of humourous encounters on social media too.

James May

When wine expert Oz Clarke gave his tongue-in-cheek recipe for mulled wine over Christmas, he named Swarfega has one of the ingredients.

Sharp-eyed, The Grand Tour star, May pointed out that Swarfega may conflict with the 20/50, another of his named ingredients, being a degreaser, which is where Swarfega themselves came in to state that they go with everything.

James May was not slow this time as he quipped sharply in response to that Tweet.

Ant Anstead

When Wheeler Dealers presenter Ant Anstead was having a ‘mucky hands kinda day’ in the workshop last year, Swarfega recommended themselves!

Anstead then sent across his address details, before receiving his very own personalised tub of Swarfega from across the pond.

Ant Anstead was gifted a free tub of Swarfega after posting this Tweet.

Gareth Wyn Jones

Swarfega isn’t just for mechanics.

Swarfega was recently tweeted by the ‘nation’s favourite farmer’, Gareth Wyn Jones in response to their piece in Scottish Farmer.

The Welsh agricultural worker sent a cracking pic of his land and sheepdog, asking if the green stuff works for Welsh farmers too.

Engagement with a view as Gareth Wyn Jones enquired about Swarfega’s versatility beyond garages.

Find out more about using Swarfega’s cleaning products in your garage by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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