Swarfega headline archives reveal bizarre use for green hand cleaner

Read on for Bill Nighy's Swarfega memories and how it's created some amazing sound effects

Swarfega headline archives reveal bizarre use for green hand cleaner
Swarfega's original green gel hand cleaner has been used for some odd things in the past.

Swarfega has this week delved into the headline archives.

Earlier this year Birmingham Live reported on Dave Hill, star of glam rock band Slade, and how he almost quit to become a chauffeur.

They set the scene by describing his homeland, the Black Country: ‘A no-nonsense district built on the grime, sweat and Swarfega of heavy industry’.

Handy sound effects

Not just there to clean hands, Swarfega is more versatile than you might think.

Ten years ago the BBC reported that Dick Mills, an employee at the now disbanded BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the 60s, used Swarfega to create one of the sound effects he’s most proud of.

Spreading Swarfega on his hands, he created the slimy monster sound used across various TV programmes.

Dick also used his fist in a tub of Swarfega to create the slithering sound of the Rutans in Doctor Who, according to The Telegraph.

Nostalgic Nighy

Swarfega has been around for a while, so it’s not surprising that many people recognise the hand cleaner from their early years.

Among these is film actor Bill Nighy, who grew up above a garage in Croydon.

The Guardian reported that Nighy’s ‘earliest memories involve Swarfega and Marmite sandwiches’ – let’s hope it was just Marmite in the sandwiches.

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