Guidance and solutions to improve mobile workers’ skin care released by Swarfega

Brand suggests ways to avoid skin disorders and stay clean out of the workshop

Guidance and solutions to improve mobile workers’ skin care released by Swarfega
Hands are perhaps the most important tool for any vehicle technician.

Swarfega, the heavy-duty hand cleaning company, has released a range of products it believes can transform the health and hygiene of mobile workers.

Although technicians may be out of the workshop, contact with oil, grease and solvents should not be dealt with less regularly, according to the company.

The brand says mobile technicians who work with such irritants are at the highest risk of skin disorders, which intensifies the problem of poor skin care.

To combat this issue, Swarfega has provided a solution for mobile workers without washing facilities.

Portable tubs

  • Swarfega Red Box – these wipes remove oil-based paints, grease and grime, with added conditioner to ensure they remove dirt and do not irritate skin.
  • Swarfega Black Box – impregnated with a formulation containing dibasic ester, the Black Box wipes remove stains and substances from skin.
  • TOUGH by Swarfega Wipes – specially created, reinforced, durable fabric makes up these wipes. Double-sided, they remove different degrees of soiling.

All of the products mentioned above are sealed, meaning they are protected from contamination – unlike already-contaminated cloths and rags that could be used.

Permanent mobile cleaning systems for workers

If you are keen to install something more long-term, Swarfega’s mobile systems are also available.

Specially designed for limited spaces, they have been created to complement the working environments of mobile workers.

The Skin Safety Cradle is a compact and complete three-step skincare system designed to protect, cleanse and sanitise the skin from any location.

It comprises of an antibacterial pre-work protective and reconditioning cream, a specially formulated hand cleaner for use without water and an alcohol gel-based instant skin sanitiser for a quicker and more convenient clean.

Find out more about Swarfega’s products for technicians by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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