Swarfega reports on “overlooked” Red and Black Box cleaners

Workshops will receive 33 per cent extra free wipes when purchasing box of cleaners throughout April

Swarfega reports on “overlooked” Red and Black Box cleaners
Swarfega Red Box and Black Box cleaners are ideal for busy technicians.

Over the past 70 years, Swarfega has built a name for itself with its hand cleaning products, the most famous of these being the iconic green gel.

However, among Swarfega’s vast skincare range are a couple of products which may get overlooked; two great products which can be used to remove everything from oil to paints, with no water supply needed.

Red Box

“These heavy-duty wipes are a no-brainer for the workplace,” explained a Swarfega spokesperson.

“The extra-large wipes effectively remove oil-based paints, grease and grime, with added conditioner to ensure they’re tough on dirt but kind to skin.

“When it comes to mobile workers, you can’t beat wipes for convenience.”

With no water supply needed, the handy transportable tub can be taken wherever the work is and used throughout the day.

The sealed container also means that the wipes are protected from contamination and ensures that they are fresh for each use.

Black Box

Many of the benefits of the red box also apply to the Swarfega Black Box, but these wipes will also remove paints, seam sealers, adhesives and resins, making them ideal for use in body shops.

These are not your average wipes; impregnated with an advanced formulation containing dibasic ester, they quickly and safely remove the above stains and substances with ease.

The Black Box is a safe alternative to thinners and abrasives, which many technicians resort to when removing stains of this type.

Swarfega also recommend regular use, as this will help to prevent paint shop spots and splashes curing to the skin and then peeling away with layers of skin when removed.

During April, these wipes will be on offer with 33 per cent extra free from participating stockists.

To find out more about Swarfega’s skincare products, click “more details” below.

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