Swarfega reveals how its iconic green gel was invented

Skincare brand says it all started with the automotive industry

Swarfega reveals how its iconic green gel was invented
Choosing the correct hand cleaner will prevent scrubbing too hard or using unnecessarily harsh chemicals on your skin, explains Swarfega.

Swarfega was created by Audley Bowdler Williamson in 1947.

Bowdler’s father and uncles ran a horse-drawn haulage firm in Derbyshire, which was motorised after the brothers’ return from the First World War, where they saw the motorised vehicles in action first-hand.

Bowdler trained as a chemist and set up Deb Silkware Protection in 1941 – unfortunately his product was scuppered by the introduction of Nylon from the US, meaning a decrease in the popularity of silk.

Looking around for an alternative use for his product, Bowdler quickly thought of the mucky hands of the mechanics who worked in the family garage.

Family garage

After realising that his formula could be used for cleaner means, Bowdler switched it up, reformulated and renamed it Swarfega.

The product’s first slogan was ‘clean hands in a flash’.

With more and more people working with motors and using automotive vehicles, he found a huge market and demand for his product.

To this day, Swarfega is seen in garages across the country – 90 per cent of mechanics say they use Swarfega on a regular basis.

For more information on Swarfega’s range, call 01773 855 100 or email [email protected].

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