Workers are failing to protect themselves from dangerous UV rays, experts warn

How to stay safe when working outside

Workers are failing to protect themselves from dangerous UV rays, experts warn
TOUGH by Swarfega sun cream.

For years it’s been the norm to put on sun cream on holiday, but this practice hasn’t transferred from the beach to people that work outside, according to experts at Swarfega.

The skincare brand warns that mobile mechanics and workshop technicians are exposing themselves to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, when working in outdoor valet bays, repairing vehicles on outdoor ramps, and recovering vehicles on the roadside.

Invisible threat

A recent study by Imperial College London, found that working outdoors could lead to one death and around five new cases of melanoma skin cancer a week.

A Swarfega spokesperson said: “Commentating on the weather is a national pastime for Brits, but most of us are unaware that exposure to dangerous UV rays still happens even when it’s overcast, with up to 80 per cent of the dangerous sun rays passing through clouds.

“Exposure to UV radiation from the sun can cause skin damage including sun burn, blistering, ageing and in the long term can lead to skin cancer; the most common form of cancer with over 40,000 new cases diagnosed in the UK every year.”

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To help provide some basic tips, Swarfega has summarised skin cancer charity, SKCIN’s advice on protecting yourself from the sun at work.

Those working outside should avoid direct sun light, especially between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

Those that cannot avoid the sun are advised to cover up with appropriate clothing and a hat.

For exposed skin, sun cream should be used.

How choose the best sun cream for work
  • Choose a higher factor sun cream, ideally SPF30 or above as these stop a much higher percentage of the dangerous rays than lower factor sun creams.
  • Make sure it’s broad spectrum, to provide protection from the wide range of UV rays.
  • Make sure that sun cream is applied 15-20 mins before initial exposure to the sun light to allow time for it to soak into the skin.
  • Re-apply every two hours or more frequently if you’re sweating heavily.
  • Choose sun cream that is water and sweat resistant, the new Tough by Swarfega sun cream also has properties that improve grip rather than making the hands greasy.
  • Keep the sun cream cool and in the shade, it can degrade if it is left baking in direct sunlight.

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