Merc Vito rear gen two bearing kit introduced at Sykes-Pickavant

New kit accommodates larger 92mm bearing on Mercedes-Benz Vito

Merc Vito rear gen two bearing kit introduced at Sykes-Pickavant

The new Vito rear gen two bearing kit from Sykes-Pickavant provides an on-vehicle solution for the removal and installation of the rear bearing and wheel hub.

Unlike most bearing kits which are only suitable for use on bearings up to 85mm in diameter, this new kit accommodates the larger 92mm bearing, which is required for the Mercedes-Benz Vito.

Installation and removal tasks are straightforward and can be completed on the vehicle.

The kit includes the parts required for all five steps; removal of the wheel hub, removal of the inner race using a press or screw, removal of the main bearing, installation of the new bearing and installation of the hub.

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson said: “Other solutions on the market require the removal of the ABS sensor which can lead to the sensor being damaged and having to be replaced.

“Our option does not require this, saving the operator both time and cost compared to alternatives.”

The kit includes a large finely threaded spindle which eliminates the need for hydraulics whilst helping the bearing alignment for installation.

Removal of the inner race can be completed using this screw or alternatively a workshop press depending on operator preference.

The 08122500 is suitable for use on bearing reference number 713667980 on the following vehicles; Viano (W639) 2003 onwards, Vito Mixto (W639) 2003 onwards and Vito Minibus (W639) 2003 onwards.

The 08122500 features in the latest Sykes-Pickavant promotional brochure, alongside other new releases and special offers.

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