Sykes-Pickavant announces inner rim cleaner special offer

Deal includes inner rim cleaner with three 60mm spare grinding discs

Sykes-Pickavant announces inner rim cleaner special offer
The 66195500 inner rim cleaner.

Sykes-Pickavant has introduced a number of offers on its recently released wheel cleaner range, as featured in its latest promotional catalogue.

The 66195500 inner rim cleaner is specially designed for the optimal cleaning of the inner wheel contact surface, for the latest wheel rims with an internal diameter of 75mm.

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson said: “The inner rim cleaner completely removes burnt in corrosion from the inside of the aluminium rim which can prove particularly useful prior to wheel balancing.

“With a grinding diameter of 160mm, a large area can be worked on at once.

“The 66195500 is supplied with three grinding attachments to ensure optimal cleaning for an extended period of time.

“The discs are attached with Velcro, making replacing and interchanging them a simple task.

“The porous abrasives and cup shaped grinding plate ensure minimal dust is expelled during the process, with little clean up required post operation.

“Our featured special offer, available as part number 661922SP, combines the inner rim cleaner with three 60mm spare grinding discs, allowing it to also be used as a wheel hub grinder; transforming the cleaner into a multipurpose tool.

“Alternatively, special offer 661927SP combines the 66195500 with three 75mm wheel hub grinder discs for hubs with a larger internal diameter.”

For further information, select ‘more details’ below and flick to page 15 of the latest promotion catalogue from Sykes-Pickavant.

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