Sykes-Pickavant highlights scraper and blades kit features

Tool featured in supplier's latest promotional brochure

Sykes-Pickavant highlights scraper and blades kit features

Sykes-Pickavant has released details of its multi-use scraper which comes with five steel and five plastic blades, making it a handy workshop tool.

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson said: “Both types of blade are non-marking and single-edged, providing a less harsh scraping solution that can be used on glass and polished materials without worry; vinyl decals and other adhesive products can be easily removed from bodywork and windows.

“Ergonomic usage is provided by the moulded handle which affords the operator additional comfort and control as well as extended reach and leverage.

“The holder features a quick lock release mechanism of the blade for improved safety which also comes in handy for quickly switching between used and new blades as well as the two blade types.

“For cutting applications such as trimming gaskets, the scraper provides high precision and control with a clean cut.

“Other applications including the filling of isolated holes and removing excess adhesive can also be carried out easily using this tool on a range of surfaces.”

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