Sykes-Pickavant launches two new high visibility impact wrenches

High quality impact wrenches benefit from a smart design and ergonomic handle

Sykes-Pickavant launches two new high visibility impact wrenches
Available in signal green or neon orange, Sykes-Pickavant say the new additions are perfect for any garage or workshop.

Due to the continuing popularity of the 90201000 ½” impact wrench, Sykes-Pickavant has announced that it is launching two new high visibility models.

The impact wrench weighs just 1.8kg, thanks to the lightweight magnesium composite housing and provides a maximum of 1600Nm reverse torque and 1084Nm forwards.

Highly regarded for versatility, the impact wrench can be easily changed to forward or reverse operation with the use of a single switch and configured for right or left hand use.

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson said: “The 90201000 range features seven vanes to provide the operator with extra power and minimal exertion, making otherwise difficult applications a breeze.

“With three step power control, it’s easy to manage the amount of force being applied, making the product suitable for a variety of applications.

“The torque regulator is easily adjustable, providing the operator with the appropriate level of torque for the task.

“Our new 90201000 colours will be making an appearance in the next promotional brochure which will be available for download from 1st September.”

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