Sykes-Pickavant releases new promotional catalogue

Promotional prices live until August 31st on specially selected range of bestsellers

Sykes-Pickavant releases new promotional catalogue
Sykes-Pickavant's latest promotional brochure is now live.

Sykes-Pickavant says that the advanced lighting system features largely across the brochure; having launched between releases, the range has already proven popular amongst customers.

New additions to the range will be available to purchase from July and include the brand new slim light available as 350lm (SLM351R) and 600lm (SLM603R) with an ultra slim design ideal for daily inspection tasks as well as the Stick Light available as 150lm (SLM151R0 and 450lm (SLM401R) which features four attachment options; magnet, hook, stand and clip.

The fluid handling range has welcomed two new 80L air operated oil extractors; the 53380000 and the 53380500 which includes a 10L plastic viewer.

Both options offer fast recovery of engine oil from any vehicle and include six probes for extraction.

For keeping fluids in and dust and dirt out of maintenance systems, the new 70200000 flowStop universal flow stop kit is a reusable multipurpose solution.

With 6 micro plugs from 1 – 10mm and 4 standard plugs from 5 – 22mm, possible applications include brake system maintenance and injector repair/replacement.

The rubber material used is highly resistant to many chemicals, acids and other aggressive fluids with a temperature usage range from -25°C to +90°C with the kit suitable for use on non-pressurised systems.

A new adaptor system has joined the range, for use with 08585000 & GO440 slide hammers, comprising of interchangeable components which can be purchased separately.

The new single hook (GO527) and double hook (GO526) provide universal use with both slide hammers when paired with the GO522 adaptor.

Also available is the GO528 heavy duty suspension hook which is ideal for loosening connections, repairing axles and bodywork and straightening work on columns A, B and C due to the bracket profile.

New to the workshop tools range is the 08084000 alignment wrench for rear axle toe alignment on most Mercedes models without removal of the plastic under body cover or damage to plastic fasteners.

The 03277000 Double-X hose clamp plier kit also debuts, providing multi-angle gripping and a ratcheting lock to hold the clamp open, this will be available to purchase from June.

An innovative solution to wiper extraction is provided with the GO1151 which removes the wiper arm from the wiper shaft with an ultra-thin fork which can be used in narrow spaces.

The strong design of the extractor also allows for use on blocked windscreen wipers.

Running from May – August 2019, the print version of the brochure is available on request from Sykes-Pickavant’s customer services team who can be contacted on 01543 679900, or by selecting ‘more details’ below.

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