Sykes-Pickavant’ s Carbon Tec HHO machine continues to get high praise

Machine releases hydrogen into engine inlet whilst running to increase internal temperature and burn carbon

Sykes-Pickavant’ s Carbon Tec HHO machine continues to get high praise

Sykes-Pickavant’s popular Carbon Tec HHO machine has been getting positive feedback from workshops, it’s been reported.

Sykes-Pickavant area sales manager, Lee Roberts, received a particularly positive response from Craig White of Boa Rebuilds, who was kind enough to write us a full testimonial.

He said: “Since starting my career back in ‘87, I’ve witnessed all manner of workshop equipment and specialist tools being introduced to make the lives of us spanner turner’s just that little bit easier and more efficient.

“Few items of equipment over the three decades since have impressed me as much as this recent investment.

“The Sykes Pickavant Carbon Tec hydrogen cleaning machine is one of those tools which stands aside from so many others.

“The convenience and simplicity of use combined with highly impressive gains achieved is a real eye opener.

“Like most mechanics/engineers in the motor trade a healthy degree of scepticism always precedes the introduction of equipment being hailed as a must have ‘magic wand’.

“However, following the demonstration which was organised at my business location in Hampshire, I was completely sold on this quite incredible machine.”

“Understanding how the process works is fascinating.

“A 60 minute cycle time is all that’s required to effectively target and safely break down carbon contamination throughout both petrol and diesel engines.

“With key results immediately experienced such as significantly quieter and smoother running engines, noticeable power gains especially in lower gears, going further to increasing fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions.

“Charging my customers a very reasonable/attractive fee to carry out the procedure, I’ve already recovered 1/3 of the purchase cost in just three weeks of use.

“I can genuinely endorse the quality and investment value of this equipment.

“There are plenty of competitors offering similar products but after researching the market I’m quite convinced that Sykes Pickavant provide by far the best value for money.”

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson has said the company continues to anticipate great results from the Carbon Tec HHO.

To see the product in action, contact Sykes-Pickavant on 01543 679900 to request a demonstration in the comfort of your own garage or select ‘more details’ below.

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