Video: premium ATF machine is proving to be popular choice amongst garages

New video shows machine circulating 2014 Audi A5's transmission fluid

Video: premium ATF machine is proving to be popular choice amongst garages
Sykes-Pickavant's 35082000 premium ATF machine.

Sykes-Pickavant’s 35082000 premium ATF machine is proving to be a popular choice for many garages thanks to the innovative technology behind it.

The premium ATF machine features an in-built vehicle database which can be updated and allows the machine to run fully automatically, as well as an instructional database which provides complete guidelines for the ATF flushing procedure.

Zero cross-contamination between different ATF fluids is guaranteed and the entire circuit can be cleaned with just one litre of oil, featuring an automatic recirculation function to prevent any over-pressure related damage.

Flushing starts automatically when oil conditions are ideal with in-built pressure sensors to detect the flow direction of the ATF fluid as well as automatic ATF temperature measurement and pump flow-rate control to adapt the flushing speed to suit the transmission characteristics.

The twin pump format allows for faster flushing control even on tricky transmissions and the dedicated new oil tanks can be easily interchanged with the quick change coupler.

Oil can be changed via dipstick tubes with the dipstick function and probe feature where service can only be done through the oil refill hole, as well as power steering fluid change.

The boost function speeds up used ATF discharge on transmissions equipped with low flow-rate pumps and there is a printer and additive canister provided as standard.

Two adaptor kits are available to purchase separately as part numbers 35083000 and 350831000 to suit a wide variety of applications.

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