Sales rising fast for engine treatments say Tec4

Sales rising fast for engine treatments say Tec4

A new ‘trade only’ additives company has seen strong sales growth of its advanced range of eight petrol and diesel engine treatments.

Since launch in February, Tec4 Lubricants Ltd has gained over 700 independent garage customers who are buying in excess of 10,000 bottled treatments a month.

Tec4 distributes via a UK sales force of 18 people. The business is backed by experienced aftermarket professionals and is the brainchild of Bob Welch, former Managing Director of Fortè Lubricants.

He said: “Without doubt our success is down to the quality of what is in the bottle, we know it works and we are able to demonstrate its abilities under regulated conditions.”

The management team now aims to achieve 1,000 independent garage customers by the end of the year, with plans to increase the products range in the next few months too.

“Our treatments are clearly named, labelled and colour coded to make it easy for technicians and garage owners to know what treatment to use for each problem,” said Tec4’s Sales Director, Duncan Partington. “We have combined DPF and Turbo treatment so that garages need only order one bottle instead of two. We know how to treat customers well and they can order as little or as much product as they need. “

The Tec4 system cleaner range has been specially developed for oil, petrol, diesel, DPF and turbo system issues.  The treatments offer a unique blend of chemicals, including non corrosive cleaning agents, to treat and remove contamination and improve operating performance.

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