Switching garage software? TechMan can make it easy

With smooth onboarding to help minimise downtime

Switching garage software? TechMan can make it easy

Switching garage management systems can be daunting. Data loss, downtime, and a steep learning curve fuel “switching anxiety.” TechMan can help tackle these concerns with a stress-free onboarding process.

A big worry is losing data. TechMan streamlines this with automatic migration. “If a garage has its stock listed in a previous system, TechMan ensures an automatic transfer of this data. This means no manual input, no lost information, and most importantly, no disruption to daily operations”, comments Pete Mcilhiney, aftersales director at TechMan.

TechMan understands that a powerful system is only as good as the user. That’s why they offer comprehensive, customised training. Whether it’s online webinars, phone consultations, or even in-person training, TechMan helps to get your team comfortable with the software quickly.

They’re also committed to your long-term success, with a development team continuously updating the software to stay at the forefront of technology. The system’s customisable features allow garages to tailor it to their specific needs, allowing for better performance tracking and ongoing improvement.

Mcilhiney adds: “For garage businesses looking to upgrade their management system, TechMan offers a promise of a smooth, efficient, and anxiety-free transition so that garages can be up and running with minimal disruption. TechMan ensures that new customers can transition at the touch of a button, without the typical headaches associated with switching systems.”

TechMan currently supports over 12,000 professionals across three continents. You can learn more about Techman by clicking here.

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