Tenneco announces European debut of DRiV electronic suspension

Digital technology offers improved ride performance without suspension system redesign

Tenneco announces European debut of DRiV electronic suspension
New DRiV electronic suspension.

Tenneco, a global supplier of ride performance and clean air products and systems has made the European debut of its digital suspension technology known as DRiV at the 2017 IAA.

DRiV, a unique and proprietary damper technology with a wide range of vehicle applications globally, offers significant benefits, including the ability to adjust automatically to road conditions, which delivers improved handling and control while providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

“DRiV technology is a true breakthrough in digital suspension technology that is unique in the market,” said Ben Patel, vice president and chief technology officer, Tenneco.

Part of the Monroe intelligent suspension family of ride performance solutions, DRiV technology’s unique digital damper architecture features a modular design that does not require a complex ECU.

Electronics, sensors and software controls are located directly in the damper, which makes DRiV dampers easy to integrate into an existing suspension, without extensive re-engineering of the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems.

Simplified gateway module

The DRiV system also incorporates a simplified gateway module which communicates with the vehicle through the existing CAN bus and the DRiV damper via a private network to provide cybersecurity protection.

Compared to conventional dampers, DRiV dampers offer a greater range of damping force characteristics that provide more consistent comfort and handling.

DRiV software algorithms provide up to 16 damping force profiles, resulting in greater control of damper performance.

Tenneco’s initial market for DRiV technology is shock applications on full-frame vehicles, where adaptive damping is particularly beneficial, as it balances handling and ride comfort in both loaded and unloaded states.

Strut applications will follow.

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