Watch: TerraClean video raises awareness of blocked DPF risks

Video to appear on mainstream TV to warn about dangers of DPF removal

Watch: TerraClean video raises awareness of blocked DPF risks

TerraClean, available through Randstad Ltd, has launched a new video to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with having a blocked diesel particulate filter (DPF), while highlighting the process and benefits of its DPF cleaning service.

TerraClean is urging motorists to heed the DPF warning light when it appears and book a TerraClean DPF cleaning service before it’s too late from one its service centres situated throughout the UK.

A common misconception for motorists is that removing the DPF is the answer.

However, TerraClean warn that if a DPF that had been fitted when the vehicle was new is removed, not only will the vehicle fail its MOT, it is also rendered illegal for use on a public highway, and the owners risks substantial fines if caught doing so.

The new TerraClean video provides an overview of how its tool efficiently cleans a DPF, as well as highlighting the core benefits that the process provides.

It has already proven extremely popular on social media being shared hundreds of times with viewings into the thousands.

The video will also feature on mainstream TV channels, with adverts running during primetime TV programmes.

Phillip Dowd, TerraClean sales director said: “Our new video illustrates to motorists that it’s important not to panic should their vehicle’s DPF warning light suddenly come on, but it’s more important not to ignore it.

“It also outlines the advantages of our cost-effective solution and the simple process required to restore DPFs.

“We will continue to promote the tool and raise awareness to ensure that motorists are not only aware of their options so as to avoid an MOT fail or expensive replacement that can run into thousands of pounds, but also ensure that they do not fall foul of the law and simply remove the DPF entirely through their own means.”

How DPFs work

DPFs are now featured in the majority of diesel vehicles in an attempt to decrease harmful deposits entering the environment.

They trap the harmful diesel particulate matter or soot from the engine, burning these off during its regeneration cycle.

For this cycle to complete successfully, the vehicle is required to run for a prolonged period at a particular temperature.

If the cycle does not complete or another faulty component prevents the regeneration process starting, the unit will in time become blocked – this blockage is the symptom of a problem.

Trained TerraClean technicians have the expertise and equipment to identify the problem, resolve it, and clean the DPF with the tool and patented fluid.

The same tool and fluids can also be used to perform other functions such as cleaning the EGR system, restoring airflow to inlet manifolds, improving swirl flap operation and cleaning turbos.

The government is continuing to explore the danger of DPF removal with experts claiming the deadly particles that are released into the atmosphere contribute to air pollution-related deaths.

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