Servicesure set for ‘record-breaking’ year

50 garages have joined the network since the start of 2017

Servicesure set for ‘record-breaking’ year
Servicesure is amongst the best garage programmes in the UK and is not as rigid as many others, meaning garages can flex it to fit their own circumstances, The Parts Alliance say.

Servicesure Autocentres, The Parts Alliance garage programme, is seeing members joining in unprecedented numbers, the network says.

The rate of joining has averaged 15 garages per month since the latter part of 2016, marking an established trend.

“We’re delighted with the speed at which the Servicesure network is developing,” said Paul Dineen, head of garage programmes at The Parts Alliance.

“There’s no ‘one thing’ but the primary attractions appear to be our growing range of service suppliers, the national warranty and the branding awareness packages.

“Garages are recognising that we can offer the best of both worlds.

“They not only retain their independence, as Servicesure’s not a restrictive concept, but they also gain the strength that comes from aligning with an established national brand and that’s reassuring to motorists.

“It’s not just about image, it’s the substance behind Servicesure that counts with the initiatives we bring to capture and retain business in a competitive market.

“Not every garage operates in exactly the same way.

“It’s about recognising these differences and supporting the garages whilst ensuring they all meet the Servicesure standards.”

Recruiting quality garages to maintain these standards is essential; it underpins Servicesure’s ‘national warranty’ – which drivers can redeem with any Servicesure garage anywhere in the UK.

A new ‘Brakesure’ concept was launched in January to offer motorists lifetime replacement on brake pads.

Trust is placed with member garages to choose when to offer the incentive to qualifying customers.

To find out more about the range of benefits enjoyed by garage members of the fast-growing Servicesure network, click ‘more details’ below.

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  1. How on earth do you offer a lifetime replacement guarantee on brake pads and show a profit, unless you overcharge massively for the original fitment?


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