TRICO duo takes on daily 5k run to raise money for charity

Pair half-way to completing 150km in 31 days in aid of Speed Of Sight

TRICO duo takes on daily 5k run to raise money for charity

Two members of the TRICO team, Sam Robinson and Andy Taylor, are halfway through a punishing challenge – to run 5k every single day in January to raise money for the TRICO’s nominated charity, Speed Of Sight.

Speed Of Sight is run by blind race car driver and multiple World Record holder, Mike Newman and co-founder John Galloway and hosts driving experiences for children and adults with disabilities.

These events, held nationwide, allow them to experience something they might otherwise think impossible – the thrill of driving.

Taking inspiration from David McGinnity, who is running 5k every day in 2021 with the hope to raise £50,000 for Speed Of Sight, Sam and Andy are following in his footsteps, each running a gruelling total of more than 150km in 31 days.

TRICO’s Group brand and marketing manager for Europe, Sam Robinson said: “TRICO became the headline sponsor for Speed Of Sight last year when we found out about the incredible work they do, so when they told us about David and his challenge, we were in awe.

“I spoke to David about his 2021 adventure and was so inspired that I thought I’d give it a go myself – anything to raise money for a good cause; and of course it might help shed some of the Christmas pounds.

“We’re halfway through and already raised £400, but would love to raise at least £1,000 this month, so if you’re feeling generous and would like to donate a little, please do.”

Area sales manager UK and Ireland, Andy Taylor, said: “I think we’re mad for even attempting it for one month, so I have no idea how David’s going to do it for an entire year.

“But, when you’re doing something like this to raise money for charity, it gives you that extra incentive, and as 2020 was so hard for everyone, we all need things like this to raise our spirits and hopefully raise a lot of money for an amazing cause.”

Co-founder of Speed Of Sight, John Galloway, said: “We’re very humbled at Speed Of Sight that so many people are getting involved in the charity and want to raise money for us.

“We’re not long into David’s challenge, but we already have a handful of people taking on their own 5k challenges.

“We were thrilled when TRICO joined our little family as the headline sponsor last year, but now they want to raise even more money for us and we’re just so thankful to them and everyone who takes part and donates.”

To donate to Sam and Andy’s cause, select ‘more details’ below.

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