Review this DPF cleaner for Garage Wire Views

Have your say on how the TUNAP DPF cleaner performs

Review this DPF cleaner for Garage Wire Views
TUNAP DPF cleaning system sales rise with changes to MOT laws now in full affect.

Try out the TUNAP DPF cleaner for free and report back to GW on how it performs.

Review coverage will appear in GW Views and readers should register their interest by emailing [email protected].

The TUNAP DPF cleaner unblocks blocked filters, removing soot and ash to extend filter life.

TUNAP say it is the only product available that has a significant number of manufacturer approvals and has been independently tested by the Vert association and TUV for both its effectiveness and safety.

The application takes just over one hour to complete and does not require DPF removal.

Those registering interest in reviewing this product must have the correct diagnostic equipment needed to carry out the process, including a forced regeneration and the ability to clear fault codes.

Review status: Enquiries to review this tool have now closed. Read the product review here.

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