TUNAP launches new oil protection product

Oil system protection designed specifically for older engines

TUNAP launches new oil protection product
Before and after treatment.

Boron, one of the strongest metals known to man has been used in the development of a brand new oil protection product from TUNAP.

The product TUNAP 955 oil system protection has been designed for older engines.

Using microscopic boron particles it will fill in the gaps of worn parts and will also act as a lubricant, increasing the lubricity of the oil and contains oxidisation and corrosion protectors which help with longevity of older engines.

A TUNAP research and development spokesperson said: “We took a photo of the cylinder liner and then added TUNAP 955 to the oil and put the car back on the road.

“After 1000 miles we brought the car back in and took another photo of the cylinder liner.

“The results are conclusive and we now recommend adding the 955 to every service for older vehicles.”

For further information, head to the TUNAP website be clicking ‘more details’ below.

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