Video: A A Silencers explains benefits of TUNAP’s problem-solving products

Technical video shows details from a bigger process of removing carbon ingress from a BMW 115d intake and EGR systems

Video: A A Silencers explains benefits of TUNAP’s problem-solving products
The A A Silencers video shows various snippets from a much bigger process to remove carbon ingress from the intake and EGR systems on a BMW 115d, but the process is similar across a wide range of vehicles.

An A A Silencers spokesman explains the investigative process.

We had a BMW 116 Diesel in with us today due to loss of power.

After the initial diagnosis we believe it may be down to carbon contamination within the intake system and potentially on the backs of the valves: this is a well-known issue that is documented by BMW.

Before stripping the vehicle, we carried out a test plan to identify if we were correct with our diagnosis.

This consisted of an air mass system test, a test to see if the intake port had been contaminated with soot, and then an actual charge pressure test.

This is all driven by BMW’s software.

The tests identified that there was some kind of carbon build up inside the engine so we stripped out the vehicle to find the soot that we expect would be inside.

The soot build-up was found on the EGR valve, within the cooler unit, swirl flaps, the inlet traps and valves.

Using TUNAP 926 XGel we were able to clean the EGR valve, the cooler unit and the swirl flaps.

We then used the TUNAP Valve Cleaning Machine to clean the inlet traps and valves.

The results are incredible, and all the parts are fully stripped of all carbon contamination.

Take a look at the video and see before and after shots of all the contaminated parts.

For more information on TUNAP, follow the ‘more details’ link.

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